"Julia was able to jump in and help me with my website, my profiles and my online networking. We've even received numerous clients from our online activity." Donald Werre President at D & S Cabinet & Sinktop, Inc.



julia flynn werre idea machineMany clients – many projects! WRITTEN BY JULIA FLYNN WERRE Idea Machine

There are unlimited opportunities to generate income on the internet. Clients come to Word of Mouth Wired for a variety of needs from websites to marketing support. We focus on the one thing that we feel is at the root of why we’re in business and that is: Make some money, Honey!

Projects include: website design, consulting, website content, photos, copywriting, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Manta and more), blog writing, ebook creation, videos and powerpoint presentations. Website maintenance, hosting, domains and more.

…have you seen this from me before?

Joe Flynn (my Dad) was an amazing sales man and so is my Mom, my Dad: Bob Smith, my sisters and my brothers-in-law. We’re a family of sales professionals! Then I married a family of sales professionals, too! We have one motto in our family: Make some money, Honey!


How do blogs help your marketing automation?

How do blogs help your marketing automation?

Lead generation starts with great content and a blog is the perfect way to present your content to the world. Use it to draw eyes to your services or products, and increase visibility by making your blog content available in a multitude of formats.
Most small businesses use a blog to inform their clients of news and events, as well as for lead generation. Unfortunately, the vast majority of these blogs don’t serve much purpose, apart from adding content to the site. If you feel like your blog is stagnating, it’s time to turn things around and make your blog work for your business.
Watch a demo https://goo.gl/aGiXWv

1. Use SEO Correctly

Search engine optimization is what blogs are best for. With frequent updates, blogs catch the eye of the search engine pretty quickly. Take advantage of this by using your keywords throughout the post.
The biggest mistake made by small businesses when blogging is keyword stuffing. Adding too many keywords will actually get you dinged in the search engines. Stick to roughly 1-2% keyword density for optimum results.
Remember that Google doesn’t just look at your main keyword. It also watches for related words. For example, if you’re writing about cars, words like tires and engines would be pretty normal related words. Seeing this helps the search engine decide if the post is worthy of being listed in the results or not.

2. Repurpose Your Content

It’s a lot of work to write a blog post, so don’t let it go to waste. Instead, repurpose that old content and make it work harder for you in lead generation. A few ways to repurpose:
– Turn it into a PDF for people to download (have them opt into your email list to get it)
– Make a PowerPoint out of the post
– Create a video about it (using the PowerPoint)

3. Add an Opt-In

Chances are, you have an opt-in form already. Where is it? If you said on your sidebar or in a popup, you join thousands of other small business bloggers. What if there was a better way?

Pop-ups and slide-ins can be useful and certainly have their place, but if the visitor has a pop-up blocker, they will never see the form. A better practice is to make sure the form is visible on every page.TIP: While the side bar isn’t a bad place for a form, you may have better results if you add a simple form to the end of every blog post.

4. Share on Social Media

Every post you write should be shared to your social media accounts. If you are on Pinterest, make sure you have a great image to go with the post and share it. You can promote your blog on multiple branches of social media, making It possible to reach people who might otherwise never know about your blog or website.

5. Accept Guest Bloggers

There’s a lot of talk out there about being a guest blogger, but accepting guest bloggers can also be beneficial, particularly if your business blog is still small. When someone else writes on your blog, they are bound to tell their own followers about the post. This means you’ll gain more readers and they also get to increase their reach.
Finding guest bloggers isn’t too difficult, as they will start emailing you as soon as the blog is live. However, it’s important to choose carefully and to allow yourself to veto any post that does not fit well with your plan.

Manage all your lead generation and direct sales in one place.

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SEO wasn't around in 2002

Julia Flynn Werre

Congratulations! We just celebrated our 13-1/2th year anniversary!

December 20, 2002 Word of Mouth (now called Word of Mouth Wired) began a specialty marketing practice focusing on the patient and referral growth of area dental practices.

The first clients were dental specialists and then WOM began to expand and offer support to area general dentists including family and cosmetic practices.

The method and approach of WOMW(Word of Mouth Wired) is to get to the basic fundamentals and desires of the practice owner, so that reasonable and exciting results can be achieved.

Several Case Studies will help to illustrate the different circumstances of each practice and the provided solutions. Every client has unique needs, requirements and ideas the solution WOM provides is achieving results within these parameters.

Julia Flynn Werre has been in sales since she turned 8! She won her first sales contest by selling the most raffle tickets in her school and has been selling ever since. By 12 Julia was attending professional sales training seminars with such greats as Tom Hopkins and Zig Ziglar.

Currently Julia owns several websites and runs a few blog sites, too. She specializes in helping practice owners make more revenue from their current clients by making minor adjustments to their daily, weekly and monthly action plans.

Julia is currently active in several online and off line networking organizations and  meets at least 5 new people a day by networking, meet & greet or trade shows.

About Word of Mouth Wired

WOMW started in December 2002 as a dental and restaurant marketing firm to support the sales efforts of several clients seeking to increase patient and client load. The focus has been and is to drive more sales into our client’s offices by way of in person, online and direct marketing channels. Since the growth of the social media revolution, we have focused on the power of the internet to increase production and income.

Strategies include training and implementation with client staff or WOMWs staff providing supplemental assistance. Initially the power of in person contact and direct mail were the sole focus of our marketing efforts, subsequently we have developed robust strategies to include a host of diverse systems including SEO/SEM, profile creation, Facebook marketing, online contests, trade show representation, sales staff training and hiring, the merger of online and in person campaigns to drive traffic to client websites and the increase of Facebook likes.

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But what you if you don't want to take medicine?

Years ago (probably about 20) I visited a new doctor for the first time. Yes, she was a new doctor and yes, it was my first visit. I won’t reveal her name, just Dr X is what I’ll call her. She was located in Howard County and I’m guessing she still practices here, too.

Dr X was delightful and announced very defensively that she believes in pill therapy and believes in 100% prescribing a drug for every ailment and symptom. Dr X wanted to know if I had a problem with that. I hate to use my age as an excuse for my naivete, but that is probably what it was. I didn’t realize at the time that this would be detrimental to my health. I didn’t realize that I was agreeing to putting sometimes harmful chemicals into my young body.

Sage Health Centre severna park

Now, many years later, I’m a firm believer and devout member of the club of holistic body folk who use alternative modalities to heal and prevent illness. If you’ve seen any of my posts, you’re aware that I’ve been getting acupuncture since about 2011 when my Dad died. At the time I begun treatment with my friend Barb who was still in school (then call TAI Sophia now called Maryland University of Integrative Health) If memory serves, I was her graduation project. I could go on and on about the high jinks and hilarity of those first years in acupuncture treatment, but I digress.

Ok, one quicky, I wasn’t aware that I wanted to quit smoking. In fact, I had just purchased a brand new pack of smokes. I walked into the treatment room and announced that maybe one day I was gonna quick. Barb promptly tossed the whole, new pack into the garbage and gave me treatments to quit. I haven’t smoked much at all since then… pretty cool.

So everyone always asks…do the needles hurt? That’s also a conversation for another day. The quick answer is, no, they don’t. For goodness sakes the needles are thinner than my hair, but when they hit a point that really needs it…sometimes it’s a zinger!

Ok, on with the reason I’m writing.

Sage Health Centre logo, severna park

Since the earlier days I’ve now learned that I can create my own medicine chest! If I simply attend some casual and fun evening sessions at Sage Health Centre (only 30 bucks a pop) I can learn how to heal myself! I wouldn’t be so adamant, but I use essential oils for everything! Plus, Theresa Girolami is now my acupuncturist for the last 3 or so years (she’s Barb’s friend and mentor so it’s ok) and she’s an herbalist and teacher.

For an evening of fun and something to heal you, too, I suggest going see Sage Health Centre and taking a class. It’s fun, it’s safe and you’ll go home with a healing souvenir, too! Call them or visit their website at sagehealthcentre.com 410-544-5155 and tell them Julia sent you.

Are you looking for steps to success? steps to wealth?

Are you looking for steps to success? steps to wealth?
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Happy New Year!

champHere are a few dates that would be terrific for planning special events or posts or special offers around in January. Btw, February is National Heart Month and National Dental Health Month 🙂
All the best! Happy New Year!
  • MONTH (January)
    • Bath safety Month
    • Blood Donor Month
    • Hot Tea Month
    • Get Organized Month
  • DAYS
    • 2 – Motivation Day, Personal Trainer Awareness Day
    • 6 – Apple Tree Day
    • 10 – Cut Energy Costs Day
    • 14 – Dress Up Your Pet  Day
    • 15 – Humanitarian Day, Get to Know Your Customers Day
    • 17 – DItch Your New Years Resolution Day
    • 19 – Martin Luther King Jr Day (observed)
    • 20 – Day of Acceptance Day
    • 23 – Women’s Healthy Weight Day
    • 24 – Maryland Polar Bear Plunge Day
    • 26 – Spouse’s Day
    • 30 – International Fun at Work Day


Guest Blogger: Sarah Coolidge

A wonderful conversation with a good friend this morning led me to a moment of deep celebration that I want to share with you.


Guest Blogger: Sarah Coolidge, CEO Space Club President – Reno, NV and owner of risefortheprize.com

Julia told with me that she was feeling a bit frustrated with herself because she is clinging to her old Jeep, which is beginning to show its age. It is costing her more and more money to keep running and her friends are encouraging her to get rid of it. She is loathe to part with it because it is a symbol of independence and freedom for her and has been with her since a particularly wrenching part of her life.

She and her Jeep have had an eventful, productive journey of growth together and I suspect she may have a bit of fear that her growth will stop if she lets it go. Like many of us, her life today is not exactly where she had thought it would be and she is yearning for more stability. Her Jeep has been providing some of that stability for her for quite a while.

Her feelings make perfect sense to me I stumble around a bunch trying to offer her support. I tell her the story of my beloved dog, Conan, who I thought could somehow live forever, and of course could not. I offer her a scrap of Buddhist wisdom by reminding her that our own personal actions are the only thing we actually get to take with us when we leave this dance… that all the rest of it will fall away. I suggest that maybe the best comfort for her right now is to hold open her mind to the possibility that her Jeep will leave one day in a way that will feel all right for her. I even joke that she could share her story of devotion and loyalty with the Jeep Company and perhaps they will step up and restore her loved one.

I don’t know if any of this actually helps her. I hope she is comforted by my efforts, which are perhaps the best any of us can ever offer to any one: our clear desire to be of help, human beings reaching out to one another.

Then I head to my Friday “service”, and Julia begins helping me.

For many happy months I have been spent my Friday mornings sitting in the upstairs window of Truckee’s “For Goodness Sake” and listening as recordings of Abraham-Hicks pour truckloads of wisdom into my heart and soul. I first sat there in the fall, when the Aspens outside were in their quaking, glorious, golden colors, and I was captivated by the light shining through them. Throughout the winter I entertained myself watching the light play with the snow, the roofline of the rail yard buildings, the rail tracks themselves. Today, I am delighted to see that last week’s swollen buds have given way to tiny, perfect, new Aspen leaves, and the quaking has begun again.

And I am even more delighted to see that my buddy, my companion for the winter is still there. One dead leaf from last fall has hung on all of this time and has become a little symbol of stability for me.

Like Julia’s jeep.

I say hello to my leaf and introduce him to Lorrie, who has never known just what I have been looking at all of these months. She doesn’t blink and eye when I explain what he means to me and I am so pleased by her open acceptance of me. She gets me.

I sit and greet the leaf and all of the other familiar sights and let the learning begin to flow in. My eyes wander from the swirling late spring snowflakes to the patterns of the dripping water on the cars below and then back to my leaf. Suddenly, I realize that one day I will sit here and my leaf will be gone and that there is absolutely nothing I can do about it. Months of wind, water, ice and snow could not do what

will be completely, easily and naturally done by the arrival of a new, little leaf pushing its way out of the tip of the branch. I am breathless at the beauty of this, and overcome with gratitude to Julia for helping me to see it while my leaf is still here. My stability is just as fragile as hers and my companion will leave me as well. I am so happy to have this morning and to see my leaf one more time, to be reminded that the joy is here and now, now, now. All I can do is celebrate the months of happiness this tiny, graceful reminder of life and strength and persistence has given me. Next Friday the branch might be empty, the leaf gone forever from my sight… but nothing can ever take the memory from me.

And nothing can ever really take your Jeep from you, Julia.

Guest Blogger: Sarah Coolidge, RiseforthePrize.com.

LinkedIn - what is it?

Why Do I Need a Linkedin.Com Profile? How Can I Make it Work for Me?

The constant changes in the world of social media are often tough to keep up with, especially in terms of job hunting. Although there might be plenty of tools and applications specifically designed to connect individuals having the same interests, most of them tend to be more focused on the “social” aspect.

However, there is one major exception – and that is none other than LinkedIn. If we talk about a professional social network, then LinkedIn is definitely the answer.

For those who are in search of a job, LinkedIn could be brutal, but it’s actually heaven for employers.

Individuals who are in need of a job can actually find that 77% of all job openings are being posted in LinkedIn. That said, you can easily understand why it is quite essential to have your own LinkedIn.Com

1. It’s one good means of managing your brand

Your online presence is the very first impression that employers and businesses want to see in you. More likely, they will look for your profile in Google. With a LinkedIn profile, you can surely add up to your overall credibility and will make your potential employers think that you are professional enough for them to hire in their company. Not to mention, LinkedIn profiles typically rank high in the Google

2. It allows you to become an expert

In order to gain credibility in a particular field, you need to become a go-to resource. Speaking of which, LinkedIn has a lot of tools which can help professionals engage with peers in order to exchange ideas and information. Features like LinkedIn Today and LinkedIn Groups are one good means of reaching out to your associates and colleagues and be a part of the trending conversations related to your field.

These tools are actually a great way of learning the lingo of your specific field and come out as a virtual

3. It enables you to attract employers

Employers and recruiters actually use LinkedIn. Job searches aren’t actually an active process, and most employers and business managers use LinkedIn tools in looking for the right candidates for the open

4. You can actually manage your professional relationships

LinkedIn is actually a good place for managing your professional relationships. The contacts you have made as you search for a job as well as throughout your career might not necessarily make sense as your friends in Facebook. LinkedIn actually is a platform which separates your professional profile from your personal life, not to mention maintains your professional network at the same time.

5. It is possible to display your recommendations

LinkedIn actually has its tools for requesting and even posting your recommendations from those users whom you have already work with professionally. Through this, you can be able to build your credibility by means of harnessing the power of third party endorsements. Moreover, requesting for a recommendation is also one good means of reaching out to your former colleagues whom you might have lost contacts with.

#linkedin #linkedinprofile  #networkingonline.

Do I Need a Professional Headshot?

What would be the point of having a professional headshot when you have an excellent camera you can use to take perfect pictures of yourself? The answer is pretty simple – it will make you look unprofessional, not to mention cheap. It won’t really capture you in your best angle, and it certainly isn’t capable of capturing that perfect expression which portrays your personality. But before you have your headshot taken, you might want to consider several things first. What is your reason for getting a professional headshot? How you are going to use it? What is the visual branding message you want to convey? In addition, you should think about these questions:

  • Who are my target audience?
  • What is the message I want to convey?
  • Where am I going to use my headshots?

What does a professional headshot provide you? A professional headshot is one way of showing people that you care about the details and how you present yourself. It will look professional and could capture you in a positive light which creates a good and lasting impression. Basically, your headshot is the first contact which people have with you, particularly if you are active on the social media. If your headshot isn’t professional-looking, then it won’t help people to trust you. How you can have a professional headshot Professionally taken headshots are something which would require selecting the right shots in order to have the best presentation possible. But the question is – how? 1. Ask around Picking the right headshot photographer is not an easy task. There are actually lots to pick from, but choosing one can be daunting. This is where networking proves to be very essential. Try asking your friends and relatives, especially those who have been through a professional headshot lately. 2. Conduct research Based on the recommendations and referrals you received from your friends or relatives, the next step is to take a look at the photographer’s website. Take a look at their portfolio and check out if they have met your criteria for the perfect headshots. 3. Schedule an appointment Set up a preliminary time for conversation with your preferred photographer to determine if he is likeable and if he puts you at ease. This step begins building trust, and trust will help you listen, relax and enjoy the experience of having your photograph taken. During this appointment, you will have to agree on a date in which you are going to be shot for a headshot. More likely, your photographer will ask for a small deposit as an upfront fee. 4. Photo shoot Your photographer should tell you how to be properly prepared for your photo shoot. Make sure that you have had enough rest, are hydrated and ready to work. Also, you should bring along with you several outfits which you can change into throughout the shoot. 5. Pick your preferred shots Once you receive your final images, the photographer should follow up with you to ensure that you are satisfied with the images as well as the experience. Just take a seat then choose your top two favorites – one for a commercial shot, and the other for a theatrical shot. The photographer I recommend, also did my headshot, contact me for details..